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Welcome to the Hitchhiker's Guide to CS @ ANU, presented by the ANU CSSA!

This is an unofficial, student-developed guide to ANU's computing degrees, courses, and majors.

This wiki is a collaborative effort, and any ANU student can help improve it - we want to know what you think! Just log in (in the top-right corner) with your ANU uid and password. Changes might take a little while to go live, as CSSA volunteers review changes to prevent vandalism.

Official resources

  • Programs and Courses is the official counterpart to this site; however, information there can still be out of date!
  • Many CS courses have public course websites, e.g. for COMP2300 - these should be linked on their corresponding page here when they exist.
  • Other courses use Wattle (the university's Learning Management System) to distribute their course content, instead - these pages won't be visible until you enroll in a course, and not until a couple of weeks before semester starts.
  • COMP 1000+ Piazza is a forum for all undergraduate CS students - if you're studying something like the BSc with a computer science major or minor, you can make a Piazza account and enroll in the forum manually.